My Best Tips Against Acne

So, as I told you in the previous article, having an oily skin can cause acne. In my case, I suffered from light acne for more than four years. I’ve been told that it’s because of hormones that comes with period, and also because of my oily skin. And as I didn’t like it (obviously), I started looking for remedies against this problem. So in this following article, I’m going to give you the 3 most effective ways that I’ve tried and worked for me.

1/ Medical treatment

So I won’t lie and tell you that I visited some dermatologist. But I was told by a cousin of mine who suffered also from acne that these two things worked perfectly for her. An alcohol called Eryfruid and a SVR face gel. So my routine was about washing my face twice a day with the SVR gel (when I wake up and before I go to sleep) and applying the alcohol on the acne areas, it helps them get dry and disappears after some days of strict use.

This treatment had perfect results on my skin that became clean and soft and less oily. You just have to respect this very easy routine. And for those who expose their skin to the sun very often, you better apply the SVR sun cream, to protect your skin, of course.

You should also note that you MUSTN’T apply the alcohol Eryfluid in the morning because it darkens your skin because of the sunlight.

SVR face gel (21.00 €/l)


SVR sun cream

     2/ Sulfur/sulphur soap

I’ve been told by my mother and some others that sulphur is used to fight acne. And after reading some articles about sulphur, I found that it’s featured in a lot of creams and products to “erase” acne. I’m using the sulphur soap from Farmasi (a Turkish company). You simply wash your face using that soap regularly.

Sulfur-based products, like soap, can help with acne due to two properties in sulfur. The naturally occurring, inorganic element has germicidal action that helps to kill bacteria and also is a keratolytic, meaning it breaks down the skin’s outer layer, according to Dermaxime Bio-Cellular Skin Care Products. Acne is caused by dirt, oil and bacteria build-up that clogs pores. Keratolytic action is needed to help to remove dead skin cells that clog pores, according to Joesoef Skin Care.

From :

You can find the sulphur soap in Walmart and different drugstores.

3/ Homemade face masks

And you can go back to my previous article about these masks. They helped me control my oily skin and prevent acne.

So people, I hope this article will help you out with acne. And never forget that it’s mainly important to keep your skin clean and hydrated. So don’t forget to drink an important amount of water (from 1 to 2l) daily. And you will see good result within a month.

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